UI Design 101



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Course Overview

This course aims to equip students with the skills necessary to create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interfaces for a variety of user experiences. From websites to mobile applications, the principles taught in this course will be applicable across a range of digital platforms.

Introduction to Fundamentals

  • What is Web Design?
  • What is UI/UX? The Essence of UI & UX
  • Essential Parts of A Webpage [Basic & Advanced]
  • Building Blocks for Creating a Website
  • Colors Decoded – The Psychology Behind Great Design
  • The Designer’s Dilemma – Typography’s Challenges and Solutions
  • The Designer’s Dilemma – Typography’s Challenges and Solutions
  • The Art of Innovative Website Layouts – Crafting Captivating Experiences
  • Exploring the Magic of UI Elements – Harnessing UI Elements for Web Aesthetics
  • UI vs UX vs CX? + Copywriting
  • UI Design Bonus [tips & tricks]

Live Figma Hands-on Training (2-3x a week)

  • Why use Figma? & Other Design tools
  • The Figma Interface – Familiarizing the tool
  • Mastering Figma’s Auto-Layout – Designing with Effortless Precision
  • Components – Working Smart with Components
  • Variants – Your Secret Weapon for Effortless and Dynamic Web Design Customization
  • Learn Figma’s Hidden Power – Mastering Advanced Settings for Web Design Wizards
  • Wireframe – Building the Blueprint of Brilliant Web Designstions
  • Motion + Microinteractions +Prototyping [ Basic & Advanced ]
  • Design System – The Master Key to Consistency and Creativity in Web Design
  • Creating Beautiful Mockups – Bringing Your Web Design Vision to Life, Pixel by Pixelting
  • +4 Added Bonus Lesson [tips & tricks]

By the end of this course, students will be able to design user interfaces that are both functional and visually appealing. They will also gain a solid understanding of the design process, from initial concept to final implementation.

Course Content

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